Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for being quiet for a while. I've been meaning to post for the last few days but parties, family and Christmas activities just did not allow for it. Oh, I'm having a really meaningful Christmas season! Aside from the fact that this is the first Christmas for Ron and me as husband and wife, I spent Christmas with his big, happy family in Legazpi City. A bit sad because it was my first Christmas away from home but they were so wonderful that I so enjoyed the few days I spent with them nevertheless. The whole family spent the day before Christmas at a far flung town in Albay, giving food and old clothes to some 15 families. It was really heartwarming to see how happy one can make others by simply sharing. Here are a few pictures I took.

December 26 came and I excitedly left for home to attend my mom's birthday and spend the rest of the season with my family. It's just sooo wonderful to see everyone again after being away most of the year. Oh and I managed to complete my gift for Mama too! hehe I'm happy to say she loved it very much..

The box I decorated to store the mini album/scrapbook in.

A closer look at the saying that was just right for my mom..

To the birthday celebrant with love..

My Mama.

Zooming in on the pretty flower embellishments.

Just showing that I forgot to erase the pencil marks. hahaha

December 25 may be well over but lucky for me I live in the Philippines where people celebrate the longest Christmas season in the world! Visit our country and you'll see Christmas decorations and hear Christmas carols until middle of January. hehe It's true! So even though this may be a bit late for other people, straight from the heart of a proud Filipina, Merry Christmas to you and to your loved ones! Wishing you a better year ahead wherever you may be out there.. May your days be filled with laughter, memories, love and a whole lot of creativity! =)

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For the Most Wonderful Mom in the World

My mom and I have always been close but we became much, much closer three years ago when I moved from Cebu to Manila for work. Ironic, I know. Our relationship was inversely proportional to the physical distance between us. I moved farther away, we got closer as mom and daughter. Maybe it was because I already had money for long-distance calls. hehe Since then, she has been my confidante and I hers.

So anyway, it's my mom's birthday on the 26th! And you're invited to come and celebrate with us in Zamboanga del Norte!! hehe

I'm {desperately} trying to make her a handmade mini-album/scrapbook that I know she'll love.. With only a few days until the event, I really, really hope I'll get in done in time. So far, here are a few pages I've completed..

I also plan to have a page for each family member with a solo picture (just like the one above) where he/she can write sweet nothings for Mama..

So what do you think? I hope she won't see this post before we give her the gift.. ;)

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Light Box

Inspired by Artisan's post about her light box, I made myself one a few days ago in the hopes of improving my photos a bit.. hehe Well.. I'm not really sure if I did it right. At least it looks like a light box.
Obviously, I don't know much about photography. haha But I do know I need a brighter light! Not bad for a first though..

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lesson 5: Protecting Your Memorabilia

Hello again! It's been a while since my last post. I've actually created a few cards over the past few days and attended a one-on-one scrapbook
ing class over at Ms. Helen's scrapbook shop called Memory Lane. I really had NO idea it was going to be one-on-one! hehe Good thing Ms. Helen was so patient at teaching me.

So the reason for having no pictures to post is that I left my good ol' camera with my sister-in-law. I know, I know. I'm such a clutz. But I hope to get it later today. Then I'll post my recent projects including the layouts we created at Memory Lane soon!

Let's proceed to our lesson then. Sorry for being so late at posting, by the way. Lesson 5 gives us eight commandments on how to protect our memorabilia. Yes, of course it goes well beyond using acid-free stuff..

1. Liquids destroy photos, negatives, articles and a whole lot of stuff!
- Whoa! Really? Wow, who would have thought... hehe Sorry, I'm in a playful mood at the moment. Yes, of course they do. So Rule 1, absolutely no liquids in the work area except for glue and paint please.. The author also suggested to keep your work area away from water-prone areas such as pipes (they may leak), open windows (it might rain), etc.

2. Always have a back-up of your digital photos and digital layouts.
- At the moment, since I'm not yet fully into digital works and I've only created a few layouts, I use a flash disk to create a back-up of my "arts and crafts" folder. But then I guess sooner or later, I'd have to get me one of those external hard drives for more space.

3. Keep all heirlooms out of direct sunlight.
- So, yep, better to keep away from that window then. Whether it's rain or sunshine, more harm is done than good. Sunlight, according to the author, eventually diminishes the quality of your photos.

4. Extreme temperatures damage them too!
- Okay, do I have to say it again? No no to windows.. Have your work area in a place where humidity is low. Like maybe if you're here in the Philippines and you live in a multi-storey house, you might want to avoid setting up your area on the top floor since humidity tends to be pretty high up there. Even if your room will be airconditioned when you're working, it would still be pretty humid when you're not around and the cooler is off.

5. Oil on fingertips will eventually make fingerprints on photos visible over time. Handle photos carefully, touching only the outer edges. Wash hands frequently or use acid-neutralizing wipes. Use lightweight cotton gloves to keep pictures pristine.
- Hmm.. Let me be honest here.. I don't think I'd ever get to the point where I'd be wearing gloves and looking like a detective rather than a scrapbooker. hehe Careful handling, yes. Gloves and wipes? Nope. Well, maybe baby wipes. I don't think I'd actually bother buying acid-neutralizing ones. But then that's just me. Of course, credibility and experience being the basis, I highly think you should follow the author's advice. She knows so much more than I do. hehe *wink*

6. Handle and store your photos and negatives properly to avoid scratches and tears. Use page protectors, acid-free envelopes, plastic sleeves or sturdy containers.
- I've only gotten around to having our photos printed just last night. So I guess it's safe to say that as of the moment, they're in a photo envelope, unsorted. I think I'll keep them in a box much like the one below as soon as I have spare time.

7. Avoid materials made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyvinyl acetate (PVA) as these chemicals tend to destroy your photos over time. Look for acrylic or polyester (polyethylene and polypropylene) materials.
- Eh? *scratches head* Say what now? hehe Sorry, my vocabulary on scrapbooking and materials are pretty much limited to the ordinary, everyday words. But um.. I guess if you have the time and patience to look for the appropriate storage supplies, acrylic and polyester are the materials you should be looking for.

8. Never assume that a paper is acid-free unless specifically stated in its own packaging. Not even if it's bought from scrapbook stores. Safest way to check would be to conduct a pH Test with a pH Test Pen.
- Haven't seen one of those pens but I think they'd be available in scrapbook shops of course. I'm not very particular on the acidity of my papers though I do think I should be. I guess it's because I'm still in my "practice" mode and not really going professional at it yet. Plus, of of course, the usual problem of having limited funds. Acid-free stuff is a bit costly. hehe
There you have it folks. Eight commandments. To follow or not to follow? Depends on you actually. If you have the time and funds for it, I say follow everything. These are advices of an expert who has been scrapbooking for years. Better be safe than sorry I'd say..

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ok, I know I said I won't do this but I'm getting addicted to digital scrapping! Heeelllp!! It's just that it's so convenient and less time-consuming, I couldn't resist trying a layout or two... Oh and it costs nothing! I just did this using free stuff from Scrapblog. But no worries, I'm still committed to learning the traditional tricks of the trade.

This photo of Ron and me was taken by Papicture Studio during our prenuptial shoot. Don't we look happy? We were actually laughing at having to be so corny as to chase each other on the beach! haha

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sunny, Happy Layout

I couldn't resist creating a digital layout for this photo. hehe This is my version of a bright and cheerful layout. Focal point is a photo of me, my sister Rezza and our dear Mama. Taken at Hong Kong Disneyland a little over two years ago. It was the best trip ever! We should do that more often, folks. =)

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