Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for being quiet for a while. I've been meaning to post for the last few days but parties, family and Christmas activities just did not allow for it. Oh, I'm having a really meaningful Christmas season! Aside from the fact that this is the first Christmas for Ron and me as husband and wife, I spent Christmas with his big, happy family in Legazpi City. A bit sad because it was my first Christmas away from home but they were so wonderful that I so enjoyed the few days I spent with them nevertheless. The whole family spent the day before Christmas at a far flung town in Albay, giving food and old clothes to some 15 families. It was really heartwarming to see how happy one can make others by simply sharing. Here are a few pictures I took.

December 26 came and I excitedly left for home to attend my mom's birthday and spend the rest of the season with my family. It's just sooo wonderful to see everyone again after being away most of the year. Oh and I managed to complete my gift for Mama too! hehe I'm happy to say she loved it very much..

The box I decorated to store the mini album/scrapbook in.

A closer look at the saying that was just right for my mom..

To the birthday celebrant with love..

My Mama.

Zooming in on the pretty flower embellishments.

Just showing that I forgot to erase the pencil marks. hahaha

December 25 may be well over but lucky for me I live in the Philippines where people celebrate the longest Christmas season in the world! Visit our country and you'll see Christmas decorations and hear Christmas carols until middle of January. hehe It's true! So even though this may be a bit late for other people, straight from the heart of a proud Filipina, Merry Christmas to you and to your loved ones! Wishing you a better year ahead wherever you may be out there.. May your days be filled with laughter, memories, love and a whole lot of creativity! =)

Thanks for dropping by!

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