Monday, January 10, 2011

When Push Comes to Shove

My husband, Ron, celebrated his birthday a few days after Christmas and I wanted to make it a bit more special by making him a birthday card. Okay, before I go into other details, let me first lower your expectations for this project. hehe It had to be the most challenging I'd ever done for three reasons:

1. It was an "overnight" project. In all the Christmas rush, I absolutely found no time to create this beforehand and had to do it overnight to give to him when he arrives the next day!

2. I was home in the province where not one "crafts" store has ever ventured and the best things you can find for your project are cartolina, pentel pen, glue and scotch tape!

3. B-L-A-C-K-O-U-T. Can you believe that? I really thought not being able to find better materials was the worst that could happen. But NO, the whole town just had to experience a blackout.

Despite all these, I really cherish the time I spent making this one. I settled myself in our dining area (no other more spacious table to work on) and had my whole family around me telling stories, making jokes and just catching up. That's one positive thing about blackouts: Everyone has got nothing to do (no TV, no computers) but gather around and talk. hehe My brother even joked that blackout time is family time! hehe I used a kinetic rechargeable lamp (the one with a lever that you manually turn to recharge) while working and it went out every few minutes so that my younger brother had to manually recharge it for me. And let's not talk about the humidity when no electric fans or airconditioners are working! hehe Took pictures of it the next morning..

So, no, this is definitely not my best project but I can really say that this is, by far, the one most
laboured with love..=)

This is my version of the famous chipboard album where each page represents a letter of the word. Since most of the people from my hometown have never heard or seen a chipboard, I was forced to use cartolina instead.. hehe Well, my husband loved it and that's all that matters. *wink*

We're newly-weds so we're still allowed to be cheesy and a bit corny.. hehehe

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