Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Of Love and Hearts

Hello again! So happy that I've finally found the time to get crafty again and post my projects in this blog! Oh, you just don't know how much I've been wanting to design, cut and paste again... Just got so busy with work lately.

So let me talk about my newest project! I've been thinking about making some Valentines Cards to sell to my officemates for Valentines Day {obviously} and since December, I've been eagerly researching and compiling inspirations from websites and magazines. I'm not actually after the profit, I might actually sell them at break-even cost {though I'm hoping to get a little extra}. I simply want to practice techniques and get enough money to buy supplies again. That way, I won't be spending my own money but using my sales instead.

For my first four cards, I practiced distressing or coloring edges using inks in order to create dimension and emphasize the shapes. Here's some pictures so you'll see what I mean..

All four of them!

A simple layout of using two patterned papers,
a "love you" stamp and a heart sticker. Easy as pie!

Distressed all three hearts and stamped
"hugs&kisses" using brown ink

Distressed both the frame and the heart.
Stamped the words "to you from me"

Stamped swirls and distressed
heart's edges with brown ink

What do you think?

Hmm.. I've been thinking of maybe doing a tutorial or a step-by-step procedure on making one of these cards. If I'm lucky, I might be able to find some time over the weekend to do just that!

Please do visit again..=) Thanks!


  1. Hi Dear :) thanks for leaving me such a sweet comments :) i do start worse than your card actually so i gradually try different type of card making style..end up i start my first year with colouring image for the card :) and for this year i will try to have different style..but well who knows time change mood change everything can change..like you...be confident..dont scared to create :) just enjoy ..think good things :) by the way i love the 1st and the 4th card soo much :)


  2. Thanks so much, Yenni. You love them because they're pink! LOL But really, thanks for sharing you cards. They're great inspirations! =)

  3. Hi Rochelle,

    Thank you for being my follower and playing to get my Bday Candy. Hope you win.. :)


    Rina Damay

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