Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog Hiatus

Oh this is just so sad. Ever since I created my blog, I committed to regularly update it and not have more than 7 days between posts. But life is throwing us lemons at the moment and Hubby and I are trying our very best to still think positive and find a way to make the best lemonade! And right now, I'm 10 days between posts.. boohoo.. :-(

We're having trouble with our plans to buy a home and everything is also going crazy at work: reports to finish, programs to roll out, clients to attend to, the list just goes on and on and on! For days now, I haven't touched my craft supplies and it makes me so sad and frustrated. But these sort of things happen, you know..

And in all the problems and frustrations, I am still able to look at the positive side and I am still very grateful for all the blessings. So we're having problems with buying a home. No worries, everything will fall into place soon and God will lead us to the home He handpicked for us. Problems at work? Who doesn't have those? At least I have a job that provides for my and my family's needs.

I guess I'm just a bit sad that I haven't crafted for the past days. Seeing all the challenges {I still try to drop by the challenge blogs to see what everyone's up to} and seeing the beautiful, beautiful cards everyone has created make me want to go home to my craft area so much. But then again, my problems are nothing compared to what others are dealing with. So for the next few days, please bear with me if I won't be that active in challenges and forums. I do miss you guys and I miss my scissors too! It's just that right now I need some time to plan things out with Hubby {we're just starting out and it's kind of both exciting and scary planning out our future: where to settle, what things to buy, etc., etc.}..

Hope to see you guys in another challenge soon! Your comments have been so encouraging and inspiring! You guys are the best! Happy crafting and be back again soon!

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