Friday, November 26, 2010

Hello Card

I'm really getting addicted to making cards these days. Almost every night, before I do my rituals for bedtime, I try to make at least one card to add to my collection and of course for practice. I find them a lot easier to do since each one is only around 1/8th the size of a 12x12 scrapbook layout which means less materials used and faster completion time. PLUS, they're much more economical to make for practice. You won't need to use acid-free or lignin-free paper and all that stuff since cards are not really meant to last as long as you would want scrapbook layouts to. The rule is, if it's with pictures and you want it to be good as new when you show your layouts to your children and your children's children, use acid-free or lignin-free materials to avoid discoloration and preserve your photos better. But if it's just cards, then there's really no need for that right? So you get to have more freedom in choosing your materials and they won't cost you as much as acid-free stuff do. You can even use cheap materials like cartolina or recycled paper if you want. All it takes is a dab of creativity!

Kindly double-click the image to understand the doodles. hehe I used All About Scrapbooking papers which are available in National Bookstore for this card. They're a bit cheaper than other product lines like Webster's Pages or Basic Grey or Bo Bunny and other imported brands. The main reason is that All About Scrapbooking is actually a local product of Fistar Distributors Corp. Of course, I would be lying if I say they have the same quality as the imported ones (the designs are really cute!) but then if you're still practicing and want to have it more affordable, All About Scrapbooking would definitely be the way to go.

To make this even more affordable, I used plain white cartolina as the card base and only stuck the patterned paper to design the front. hehe I also tried designing the envelop to match it with the card by using just a couple of cut-outs from Mia, my Slice Machine.

I also tried creating dimension by highlighting some parts of the word "hello" with dotted lines to create a bit of depth.

So what do you think? Thanks for dropping by and have a happy day!

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