Friday, November 26, 2010

Mia, the Slice Machine

The secret to the complicated flower and letter cut-outs I use for my cards? Why, Mia of course! Mia, the slice machine, is an innovative electronic product of Making Memories which cuts shapes and letters that are programmed in a Design Card. A design card looks exactly like an SD Memory Card but is formatted exclusively for the Slice Machine. She's very user-friendly, only 6 steps to follow actually.

1. Place your paper over your glass mat which comes with your slice.
2. Place your slice machine over your paper.
3. Insert the design card into the card slot and turn the machine on.
4. Choose a design.
5. Choose a size for your cut-out.
6. Press the "start" button and voila! You now have your cut-out!

I got Mia as a second-hand buy. She used to be owned by a famous actress/host here in the Philippines who decided to upgrade to a much more expensive and versatile cutting tool. She was just so pretty I couldn't resist it. Ron and I definitely had no budget for her. So I put into good use my persuading skills and asked my dearest Lola (Grandma) to buy her for me! I just love my Lola. hehe I don't have pictures of Mia yet but here are pictures of her identical twin sister which I got from the internet..

MM Slice Machine with charger, cutting mat, design cards,
glue, glue applicator, pamphlet and blades

And here's what she can cut!

Holiday Words and Expressions Design Card

Handwritten Design Card

Home Sweet Home Design Card

Think Pink Design Card

Now do you understand why I say she and I will be best friends for a very long time? hehe Thanks for looking!


  1. woah! what is this rochelle? I so want this too... hahaha sorry Im such a tool/gadget person... I'm so intrigue...

  2. Mia is a digital cutter, Pril.. hehe Got her at such a bargain price, I couldn't resist it. But your Craft Robo is much, much more versatile. ;) I want one too! Unfortunately, my wants and my budget violently disagree. hahaha

  3. I actually search for it after reading your post cause im really into gadgets or tools... i want one too... hehehe...

    whos the actress? hahaha

  4. nasa ebay pril, mas mura kesa stores! hehe basta may official receipt ka lang. and has an excellent after-sales service.

    haha cge na nga, it used to be owned by janice de belen. but after only 2 months, she upgraded to cricut expression. try to research about that too. more expensive but more versatile. =)


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