Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lesson 3: Essential Scrapbook Supplies

Sorry for doing such a lousy job of keeping up with my scrapbooking lessons. I know it's been days since I posted Lesson 2. No excuses, just plain laziness and procrastination. hehe So anyway, Lesson 3 gives a list of the scrapbook supplies you will need. It's really helpful especially if you're new and don't know where to start. There's the "Essentials" which is a list of what you SHOULD have to make the most out of your creativity and then there's the "Upgrades" which is a list of what you WOULD WANT to have. hehe

Erm.. It's kind of a really long lesson and lists, so would you mind very much if I'll just give you the links? Please bare with me as I'm still trying to finish all my deadlines at work and still keep this blog updated (though I enjoy blogging much more *wink*). Just this once, okay? You'll find the lesson very helpful and I think you'd want to get this lesson in its full version anyway.

To view and print the "Essentials" list, click here.
To view and print the "Upgrades" list, click here.

See also the tutorial which gives a comprehensive discussion on the items in both lists. It can help you decide in choosing your supplies. Sorry, gotta run. Need to finish my paperworks before I have to go on official travel to Batangas in the morning. Have a happy day!

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