Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lasting Impression

Okay, honestly, I don't know what happened to my e-classes. I'ts been almost a week since my first lesson and up 'till now, I haven't received my second! Hehe I'll try to check their site for a solution to this. SO.. while I haven't gotten around to doing that, I'll share about my meeting with Ms. Vivian instead! Yep, met her, visited her store and bought my first loot!

Actually, I though Hubbs and I were visiting her house where her stuff would be. I never really thought Ms. Vivian had as large a collection as she apparently did. And what I thought was a house, was actually a pretty big store. And oh the supplies she has! Believe it or not, I spent 3 full hours just looking through her stuff and I wasn't even able to check everything out! The store was absolutely gorgeous.. and so complete. She had everything: inks, dies, die-cutters, stamps (cling, clear and rubber!), cardstock (stacks and stacks of cardstock!), albums and SO much more! They also sell online. You can check their store here. But nothing compares to personally visiting their shop. It actually made me want to buy everything I saw! But of course, budget didn't allow for that. Bummer.

Ms. Vivian also taught me the basics of rubber stamping. From how to apply ink to the stamps to cleaning them. She even went as far as teaching me how to emboss! Now, if you've been doing this for a few weeks now, you'd laugh and say this is pretty basic stuff.. hehe But I'm a beginner, everything's pretty amazing to me! I was even amazed at how simple it actually was. hehe I p
lan to go visit again the next time budget allows. hehe One thing I realized is that this is NOT a cheap hobby at all.. hehe But it's absolutely rewarding..

A few pictures from my visit..

I loved this display very much.. The dolls and tin cans
at the top shelf complemented the beautiful supply of cardstock.

Inks of every imagineable color!

I told you.. Stacks and stacks of cardstock!! Amazing, huh?!?

Thanks for dropping by and have a great creative day!!

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