Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lesson 1: Why We Scrapbook and How to Get Started

For all those who are interested in signing up for a free e-class on the wonderful art of scrapbooking, click here for a link to Ms. Jill Davis' Learn to Scrapbook E-class. I've actually just enrolled for it and I had my first lesson just now. I find it a bit comforting that this will be a 24-day e-class, a pace that's just right for a working girl like me not to feel overwhelmed with everything that there is to learn. So if you're looking for a free tutorial on scrapbooking, why not take this e-class with me? I could really use someone to talk to about everything I'm learning.

So here we go. Lesson 1 is basically an introduction into the whole course. It talks about how scrapbooking can mean differently to each person and how important it is to have your own definition and style. It explains that, though you don't really need to have your own style right away, it is encouraged that you eventually develop one to express your individuality.

So here are Five Tips to Get Started Scrapbooking by Stacy Julian, co-founder of
  1. Make up your own definition of a “scrapbook.” I'd like to think about scrapbooking as a way to practice whatever creative genes I have in my system. It is my "happy place" since I'm always in such a great mood whenever I have a pair of scissors in one hand and a cardstock in another. I don't have my own style yet. I'd like to think of it as "freestyle" as of the moment. hehe Hopefully, I'd learn to develop my own. *wink*
  2. Forget the idea that you are going to do something with ALL the photos you take.I actually learned this the hard way. I wanted to scrapbook all the photos, movie tickets, plane tickets and other trinkets that Hubbs and I have accumulated over the years and ended up finishing nothing. I always put it off because of the time that it would entail. One or two memorable photos should do.
  3. Start small.
    I've visited enough websites, blogs and online shops to know that scrapbooking can indeed overwhelm beginners like me. I'm also taking this advice and I'm starting small. So I've decided to learn about layouts, cardstock and rubber stamping first. And I'm going to get my first set of rubber stamps on Saturday! Yehey! I'm really excited to use it and practice. And when I've gotten the hang of it, I'll try all the other stuff (e.g. embossing, chalking, color blocking, stitching, die-cutting) one by one.
  4. Focus on personality and relationships.
    Well... Who could disagree with this? Pages are always breathtaking when they're about children, family, love, happiness and bonding moments. Of course, you can blog about depression, sadness, frustration and other negative feelings too and it would just be as interesting.
  5. Join the community of scrapbookers for support and inspiration.
    This one I'm really excited about! Why? Because I've finally found someone who's willing to teach me, that's why! I'm meeting Ms. Vivian on Saturday. Hopefully, we'll have many more meetings in the coming weeks. I'll blog about Ms. Vivian after our meeting, with some pictures I hope. I'm also looking into existing scrapbooking communities here in Manila that I can join.
So that's it for our first lesson. See, I told you it won't be overwhelming. How do you find it? Any insights? And also, do you know of any scrapbooking community I can join? Please do tell if you do! See you in the next e-class!

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